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But we can't really say cos we don't really know....but it's coming....we think!
Lingering onward dreamily ...
20 textures 

20 textures, 100x100
Comment if you take &
Credit when you use

You can download the .zip file here @ deviantart.

You can see my other textures HERE
02.19.10 (UTC)
Snagged the set. Will credit if used.
(Deleted comment)
02.19.10 (UTC)
thank you very much :D
02.19.10 (UTC)
taking, thanks!
02.19.10 (UTC)
These are lovely! Downloaded, will credit. Thank you! :D
02.19.10 (UTC)
Iiih. I was just in need of pink texture, so thanks! I snagged and will credit when used.
02.19.10 (UTC)
Thank you. They're beautiful.
02.20.10 (UTC)
Oh, love 'em! Thanks. :)
02.24.10 (UTC)
Awesome textures ♥

Taking the set; will credit. :)
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