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But we can't really say cos we don't really know....but it's coming....we think!
Lingering onward dreamily ...
9 Golden-Bronze Textures 

9 textures, 100x100 pixels
Comment if you take
Credit when you use

Download them here

05.16.08 (UTC)
Great textures! Have downloaded and will credit when I use. ^_^
05.16.08 (UTC)
Thank you.
05.16.08 (UTC)
Beautiful, thanks! :)
05.17.08 (UTC)
they look great, thanks!
05.18.08 (UTC)
Taken, I'll credit you in my LJ resources
10.02.08 (UTC)
Wow, these are really pretty! Snagging; will credit.
10.03.08 (UTC)
Snagged and credited.
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